But yes, there was ice cream earlier

Today was the first day in 2013 that had a summer feel to how the day unfolded to it. Towards the end we took the #8 bus home at Grand street. It was a familiar in the demographics. Some club looking kids got off near Redno5. UIC kids piled on at the blue line stop […]

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Fur coats

I love spotting men in fur coats during the long slog of Chicago winters. Especially if they have a matching hat which is rare and gives me a thrill much like I imagine a bird watcher catching sight of that rare bird on their walk. I also thought of Mo, best landlord ever. Mo wins […]

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Weekend Errands

I went out to the big box stores which is a very long walk, a short bike ride without a bike rack or a bus and a mile walk away. I needed a lot of things and shopping is exhausting so the bus it was. There was a lady furiously eating some food and taking […]

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