Remember the terrible heat wave in July?

071212_heatwave_runner, a photo by vaughnda johnson on Flickr. I left out man in my missive….middle age dorky asian man, I don’t usually correct my omissions/misspellings/grammar faux pas, but that one is important to point out.

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Me and Tina at the Cermak

I was at the grocery story tonight, picking out some canned tomatoes listening to Tina Turner. I heard two men behind me and picked up that they were speaking Italian and then in English “Good To Me“. It always amuses me to hear a foreign language and then in the middle hear something secular and […]

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Good Morning

This morning I went to our front window to enjoy my coffee and I was awarded with a tai chi gathering. Lately they’ve moved to the tennis courts or other larger areas that aren’t in my view. I watch them along with a stout man in a leather coat walking foofy dogs in sweaters, older […]

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