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Happy Halloween

The Crowne Fountain in the morning looks eerie washed out by the sun doesn’t it? Feels like the person inside the black box is just coming into focus from the other side. Or is that just my imagination?

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Saturday Afternoon diversion

Joe went for a walk and also a liquor store run yesterday afternoon. He came back with some Booker’s and a bottle of Anejo Aha Toro. I stopped what I was doing (scrubbing toilet) to delight at our new liquor cabinet additions. Then I went back to what I was doing. Meanwhile Joe had made […]

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The Seduction of Brushed Fibers

I went for a quick run to the store and I wore my pajama pants. This is a probably not a big deal for most Americans as I see many people in their pajamas in airports and sidewalks and grocery stores. They don’t seem concerned about their casual wear. It was a big thing for […]

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