Happy Halloween

The Crowne Fountain in the morning looks eerie washed out by the sun doesn’t it? Feels like the person inside the black box is just coming into focus from the other side. Or is that just my imagination?

Crowne Fountain


CTA orange line drawing and thoughts on a pen

102511_cta_7yrpen by vaughnda johnson
102511_cta_7yrpen, a photo by vaughnda johnson on Flickr.

Saturday Afternoon diversion

Joe went for a walk and also a liquor store run yesterday afternoon. He came back with some Booker’s and a bottle of Anejo Aha Toro. I stopped what I was doing (scrubbing toilet) to delight at our new liquor cabinet additions. Then I went back to what I was doing. Meanwhile Joe had made plans.

We had low levels of a Canadian Club Reserve, High West Rye Whiskey, Johnny Walker Black and our Bookers. He mixed a lot of water and a little whiskey and we began our taste test.

CC reserve in a Cherry oak flask and now relegated to a tin flask. Most easy to drink. Smooth, sweet.

High West Rye. Has lots of flavors but a little too rye for sipping. Joe made sure to put the High West in the Arizona rattle snake shot glass.

Johnny Walker Black Label Scotch – Peat! Those Scott’s love peat. I don’t yet love scotch. I’m not that cool.

Booker’s – Spicy. I see a lot of good to great mixed drinks in our future. Update! Yes delicious with some bitters, lemon zest and some water.

After testing them all we had about a shot total in our gullet and it was time for a walk.

In conclusion Joe is pretty great and so is a 2pm Saturday whiskey diversion.

Magic Cards at Lunch time

I’ve seen them before. They talked about the Gizmodo article snafu of course.

Back on the Train

The weather and my schedule has been such that I’m back on the train a lot this week which means I am drawing more. A definite bright side to inclement weather. I miss my bike but I enjoy the time to take in the rainbow of humanity like the large man studying for the drivers test to the left here, but quite a few of them I can’t draw. There are cute kids with ants in their pants. Awkward teenage flirting with each other. Their hormones look quite painful. Or the man with a cane reading his free form thoughts to his captive audience off of dirty scraps of paper. Every time I looked up he had a new scrap of paper in his hand. His verbal onslaught made a great audio layer in the train and I was glad I didn’t have my headphones in. Sometimes the outside world does have the better soundtrack.

Last night I was amused by a lady’s choice in dollar store anchor patterned socks in moccasins sort of shoes. The clash was something else.

While waiting for a transfer a man was wearing a hoodie that went all the way over his face. There was mesh over his eyes and mouth forming a scarecrow sort of face. He was scary of course and he was pacing. The platform as a collective kept an eye on him. Instinctually I think people know that if someone’s face is disguised they are emboldened to let out their dark side. If there were 3 of them I’d have left that platform. But he was by himself just gauging reactions.

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Going Home

Blue LineThursday night I had dinner with some friends. I walked to the el california stop and there was a gaggle of intoxicated hipster boys who were not sure about which side of the stop they were on. They were pretty. My guess is they’re in a visiting band or they have classes together and are going to be starting a band. Mustaches and high ponytails and artfully untied shoes were prominent.

#8 blues

When I emerged from the Grand stop I saw two people waiting for the bus. Good, I thought, it should be due.  I checked bus tracker on my phone and it said 9 minutes. A tired looking woman asked me if I was checking on the bus. I gave her the time stated and she said that she had been waiting for 30 minutes at least. About 5 minutes went by and I checked my phone again. To my dismay the bus that should have been getting close had disappeared and we were now looking at 11 minutes. I reported back to the woman waiting and she decided to get a cab. She had enough. I don’t know where she was going, but she looked like she was far from wealthy. She must have had a long day to go that expense. Now I waited with an expansive lady sitting on some fencing. 10 minutes later our bus arrived. Packed to the gills and smelling of fried food, sweat and frustration. Two people who knew each other had a conversation across a few rows. College students made party plans. A seat opened up in the 3 seats facing the door and I took it. The larger lady took the seat next to me and landed slightly on my leg. She apologized and I said that’s okay, it’s very cozy in here. Too cozy was here response and I agreed whole heartedly. I turned back to my sketch book and added the spiky haired boy who placed himself in front of me.

As the college students left at the UIC campus a mom opened her stroller and connected the carrier on. She did this while the bus was rolling and I was impressed by her balance and agility. She said to someone she had been waiting for an hour. It was 10:30 at night. She must be very tired.

meeting doodles detail

1/12/11 2  by vaughnda johnson
1/12/11 2 , a photo by vaughnda johnson on Flickr.

She was the best. She was so sharp and had such a sweet but tough way about her that some immigrants do. She stumbled over some word phrasing and she said she was Libyan which ended my guessing game of place the accent.

She kept saying “who cares” whenever she found herself mired in some detail while demonstrating the software points. Which is a great way to abort your tangent, something I often need to do. So know I have “The End” and “Who cares” in my arsenal of ending tangents.

more meeting doodles

1/12/11 2 by vaughnda johnson
1/12/11 2, a photo by vaughnda johnson on Flickr.
I really did a poor job with showing that my 3 coworkers were sitting in order of size like the Three Bears. Too bad, it was impressive.

The Seduction of Brushed Fibers

I went for a quick run to the store and I wore my pajama pants. This is a probably not a big deal for most Americans as I see many people in their pajamas in airports and sidewalks and grocery stores. They don’t seem concerned about their casual wear. It was a big thing for me because this bit from Jerry Seinfeld made an impression on me.

My pants are really super comfortable. I mean these fibers are brushed. So screw Seinfeld, I’m getting some Flavorite cereal and some apples in my pajama pants. I’m halfway there when i realize they’re on inside out which is a level I was not expecting.

Also on the way back I see a baby hanging super chill in his stroller on the sidewalk outside a house in the dark. I figure the baby’s caretaker must be in the vestibule a flight up. I said, “Hi baby.” The baby looked up from staring at my pants.

And now a drawing of some CTA riders.