Sabbatical log: Day 23

Yoga. I’m still challenged at standing balance poses and binding poses, but seriously the standing poses make me feel like i have round feet.

No coffee till studio policy worked marginally better (I still looked at the Malort Face Flickr site among other things somehow).

Rode my bike and my fingers were cold. I’m tired of bundling up. We all are, I know.

Two paintings are finished today. One, I thought was finished but I kept looking at it and thinking nope so I changed it. I think it’s for real this time. I need to take better pictures, but here they are.


And my studio shot of the day.


Sabbatical log: Day 22

So I did yoga this morning and tried my no coffee ’till studio routine. I think it helped, but my pokey butt is stubborn.

Studio results were incremental despite the work put into it. So it goes sometimes.

Still the sun was bright and I walked and felt very good.

Sabbatical Day 21: Return to the Studio

So Santa Barbara is a real place. I have been there to confirm it is a real place where people live. This move is now real to me. Also adding to the realness department we signed a lease to a small apartment with an ocean view. This landlocked midwesterner’s life is about to change.

But one coast wasn’t enough for this trip so we flew to Philly to see Joe’s family in south Jersey and I got to see my friend Mike. All was well.

Yesterday I made a lot of phone calls for movers and then eventually made it to my studio. I was a bit rusty but I fleshed out a painting. A couple of moving companies called me back around 5, right when there is a train every 2.5 minutes and the train is inches away from my window. I think we settled things. Anyhow a week later, I like this painting as is.

I have to take a better photo today.

Today I’m trying no coffee until studio. I’m a slow drinker and the coffee (which I love) delays me too much.

Studio shot

Sabbatical log: Day 20

Friday was really beautiful so I played hooky on yoga and painting. I did do all my laundry in prep for my trip to Santa Barbara, there was a portion of responsibility in there. Afterwards I rode my bike in short sleeves! My shining pink polka-dotted arms made a little vitamin D and soaked up some lithium from the Sun. Sights and sounds everywhere confirmed that the season of construction has begun in Chicago. It is glorious. Saw friends. Walked about. Made some nutrageous gluten-free bread with one of my baking wizard friends (yes I have multiple wizard friends). Saw old  and delightful coworkers. Rode home from downtown. I may have ordered Thai food watching youtube until I was ready to pass out. I blame the whiskey. It was a good day. Ferris Buehler himself would be proud.

Today Saturday, I’m counting as day 20. I can do this since is my little solo project. Ha! I packed for my California scouting trip. Yoga’d it up and walked to my studio because again it was glorious outside.

This week was not as productive painting-wise as I’d hoped, but still the work is unfolding. Next week no painting, but I hope to take some Cali source photos. I may blog everyday. I haven’t decided.

today’s in progress shot

Sabbatical Log: Day 19

I don’t feel so hot today. I started feeling poorly when I got to my studio, but I felt off all day starting at 3am. I muddled through some things. Worked on a painting composition but mostly varnished and painted sides. I was kinda interested if my space ace brain would do something brilliant, but I don’t think that was the case.


Sabbatical Log: Day 18

I did yoga after a mental fight. I drank coffee and read the internet and then gosh cleaned up the house. I really do have a tough time transitioning out of the house and there is no limit to the productive things I will think of to delay myself even though I want to leave and start painting. I did get to my studio and worked and maybe am almost done with this painting? I didn’t stay too long because I needed to make grocery shop and make dinner. It was my turn. It was hard to leave my studio.

Today the mosaic school had the pleasant sounds of mallets for a class. I like when they don’t have music and everyone is working. It is soothing.

Here’s the studio shot for the day. I believe there is a soon to be ancient coffee cup that I must get rid of. It can’t be ignored until some fungus takes over. Or can it? Day 3 will be it’s last day in my studio.

Sabbatical Log: Day 17

Yoga? yes. Drawn out morning making poor use but arguably still productive overall use of my time? Yes.

Studio time was concentrated on one painting that may be done or close to done. I have to sleep on that decision almost always. Here’s today’s studio shot.

This post and photos are created from my smartphone while I wait for the next bus that bustracker says its on it’s way. How modern.

In other news, the hound dog was here today. He still has FEELINGS.

Sabbatical Log: Day 16

Today I did a yoga video I haven’t done in awhile. In the past it has left me confused, frustrated and overly exerted. Today I was still a little confused, but I got it and I flipped my dog for the first time in quite some time. Usually the instructor in various videos starts going through mysterious instructions for a dog flip, and I think, nope. so anyhow, woohoo.

A flipped dog, more graceful than my version

Afterwards I worked on my resume and a few other things. It was so very quiet while I was puttering about because Joe is in California. I’m joining him next week to check out my future locale and that is why I was working on my resume. It is also why I went to a store and bought a smart phone. I wanted to navigate the city, meet some recruiters possibly and I suppose I’ve decided to join the 20-teens. I researched phones on Sunday and felt like the Moto X was about right for my needs. It took forever to get it all squared, but now I’m on the Ds of my contacts adding phone numbers.

I did make it to my studio eventually and put in a smidge of time before coming home. Yesterday Joe and I went for a walk and found ourselves somewhat near the studio. He hadn’t been over in months. It was good to have someone I trust to talk to about my plans and thoughts and get some feedback. I’m excited to see what I can pull off this week. Tomorrow I won’t delay.

Sabbatical Log: Day 15

I mentioned I slept in? Do not worry my working friends I cherished the sleeping in remembering all the other days I groaned out of bed to work compromised by the nights activities. Life!

I drank my coffee while going through all my source photos and adjusting to greyscale and contrasts and printing them out. The process is tedious and time consuming. Coffee and breakfast long finished, I felt, well gosh I should probably do some yoga. I finally did get to the studio and did a smidge of work.

Sabbatical Log: Day 14 – Prime time

Yesterday was my birthday. I turned 37, a solid prime number. I like giving each new year some sort of special meaning. Last year I could run for president, not that I would for goodness sakes. I don’t even own a pants suit.

I did yoga first thing. Usually it’s hard to get started, but then I’m into it. Yesterday it was a mental challenge of I wanted to be done already. I worked through it as best I could, but I came out of poses before the video said so more than once. I got to my studio and about halfway in it was again a mental challenge of I wanted to be done already. I churned out two more composition starts after I hit that wall. Of course I’m glad I worked through both.

Joe made a feast and we had some friends over. We had some wine and then I busted out the champagne a vendor gave me as a going away present.

To no ones surprise I slept in today. I’m heading over to the studio shortly but here’s my studio shot from yesterday.