The hardest part about weaving a scarf


…is taking a selfie of the finished product. Anyways, I’ve not found a place to paint, yet. I HAVE found a weaving class and a figure drawing group. Before I found these outlets I felt a little empty in beautiful Santa Barbara.

Back to weaving. The right scarf is my first experiments. The left scarf is like the length of 3 scarves and is me trying to be consistent with one pattern. I love combining colors and textures. It’s downright painterly. Plus I like scarves plenty.

Good news though I’m working on a rug. Easier to get a photo of the finished product.


3 Comments on “The hardest part about weaving a scarf”

    • Tencel pretty strong and smooth. Good for a weaving newbie. I’m setting up a cotton warp for my rug experiment and it feels so different!
      Anyhow, its very soft. Nice quality in a scarf.

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