I stopped posting much after I got into Instagram plus the pressure of moving and finishing up the paintings for the show while saying goodbye to so many beloved Chicago people and places took a toll on my yoga and blogging discipline. I did better on the yoga truth be told, but anyhow I made it. The open studio, gallery opening are behind me and went well. The moving process is at its mid-point. Im in Santa Barbara but my stuff isn’t yet. Anyhow.

I first want to say thanks to all the love and support I’ve received.

Second here’s a couple of videos (sound off recommended its just a fan noise) from my open studio.

Open Studio 2 of 2

A post shared by Vaughnda Johnson (@vaughndajohnson) on

Open Studio 1 of 2

A post shared by Vaughnda Johnson (@vaughndajohnson) on

My open studio was fun and gratifying and quite a few paintings found a home.

The final packing and moving was exhausting,

And then the opening went great. Gallery 223 came together in a thrilling way. Katrina and Kip and their family have put their blood,  sweat and tears into the space and it turned out really well. I’m really honored to be a part of the show. Its up until August 20th.

Did I mention thank you? Thank you.



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