Sabbatical Log: Day 31 and 30

I messed up my days a bit. I don’t even know what happened to day 29. It doesn’t matter, it’s just my online journal. I’m able to let that sort of thing go pretty darn easily. Maybe I’d be more successful if I was tighter wound in this way, but I am a-ok letting this sort of thing go.

Anyhow my working out and painting happened but it was scattered and not at the normal times. At least I’ve figured out more moving logistics. A lot of time and energy was spent figuring out a few Linux issues for the very simple postcards I designed for the show. I like having a Linux system, but it requires some know-how and self-training. I am slowly acquiring the skills as they turn up, but I usually feel slightly harassed when I’m searching for how-tos in ubuntu forums.  I solved most problems with some time and patience, but one issue it turns out was not possible. I found an add-on to make Gimp convert images to CMYK but the conversion was atrocious. Joe reminded me that this is an open source software and the people creating this in their spare time had to prioritize and offset printing was not a priority. Wah. Wuh. My show postcard was saved by my friend and his fancy mac with the whole Adobe Suite. You win this time Apple and Adobe.

Today had more of a semblance of my establish routine and one finished painting



Today’s studio shot


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