Sabbatical Log: Day 25.5

Friday I tried this yoga video that frustrated me enough that I quit 30min in. It was not very aerobic, but a confusing strength plank/balancing combo. I may try it again in a month. Maybe it was not the day for that video.

I did some work around the house because I had an appointment for a moving estimate and didn’t get to the studio until the afternoon. I did a few hours of work and then I had evening plans. I took my daily photo and it was disappointingly similar to Thursday’s studio shot. So, I’m including my Saturday time with Day 25 and calling it 25.5. Fascinating I’m sure.

This week it took me a bit to get back into the flow of things after a week of on the west/east coast slingshot trip. I’ve made some departures from my last painting push that I like. Moving plans are coming into focus somewhat but there’s still so much to do.

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