Sabbatical log: Day 24

I skipped yoga to get to the studio faster. I had to come back to the house to get a movers estimate during the day and I wanted to get at it. On my way to the studio I had the delightful pleasure of seeing my bestie on the bus on his way to the brown line. I love the small town feel of neighborhoods in cities.

I did some painting on this bigger canvas and sketched out possible finishes to another painting, but then it was already time to go. I was asked to an impromptu lunch date with a group of friends. I was torn at first, but really this is a pleasure I won’t have very soon. So I met them and had a great time. Feeling really good about all the unexpected connections I made that day. Then I met the first moving estimator. Joe and I haven’t officially figured it out yet, but we will cull our stuff down aggressively.

Afterwards I went to the art supply store and bought some supplies. So expensive.  I read in de Kooning’s biography that when he was a confirmed success he used to stockpile art supplies in his home in Long Island. Always afraid of some downturn would leave him broke and having to scramble for Cobalt blue or something. I feel you de Kooning.

Today I have another move estimator coming at an awkward time. So I’ll hang home in the morning and then make my way to the studio in the afternoon.

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