Sabbatical Day 21: Return to the Studio

So Santa Barbara is a real place. I have been there to confirm it is a real place where people live. This move is now real to me. Also adding to the realness department we signed a lease to a small apartment with an ocean view. This landlocked midwesterner’s life is about to change.

But one coast wasn’t enough for this trip so we flew to Philly to see Joe’s family in south Jersey and I got to see my friend Mike. All was well.

Yesterday I made a lot of phone calls for movers and then eventually made it to my studio. I was a bit rusty but I fleshed out a painting. A couple of moving companies called me back around 5, right when there is a train every 2.5 minutes and the train is inches away from my window. I think we settled things. Anyhow a week later, I like this painting as is.

I have to take a better photo today.

Today I’m trying no coffee until studio. I’m a slow drinker and the coffee (which I love) delays me too much.

Studio shot

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