Sabbatical log: Day 20

Friday was really beautiful so I played hooky on yoga and painting. I did do all my laundry in prep for my trip to Santa Barbara, there was a portion of responsibility in there. Afterwards I rode my bike in short sleeves! My shining pink polka-dotted arms made a little vitamin D and soaked up some lithium from the Sun. Sights and sounds everywhere confirmed that the season of construction has begun in Chicago. It is glorious. Saw friends. Walked about. Made some nutrageous gluten-free bread with one of my baking wizard friends (yes I have multiple wizard friends). Saw old  and delightful coworkers. Rode home from downtown. I may have ordered Thai food watching youtube until I was ready to pass out. I blame the whiskey. It was a good day. Ferris Buehler himself would be proud.

Today Saturday, I’m counting as day 20. I can do this since is my little solo project. Ha! I packed for my California scouting trip. Yoga’d it up and walked to my studio because again it was glorious outside.

This week was not as productive painting-wise as I’d hoped, but still the work is unfolding. Next week no painting, but I hope to take some Cali source photos. I may blog everyday. I haven’t decided.

today’s in progress shot

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