Sabbatical Log: Day 18

I did yoga after a mental fight. I drank coffee and read the internet and then gosh cleaned up the house. I really do have a tough time transitioning out of the house and there is no limit to the productive things I will think of to delay myself even though I want to leave and start painting. I did get to my studio and worked and maybe am almost done with this painting? I didn’t stay too long because I needed to make grocery shop and make dinner. It was my turn. It was hard to leave my studio.

Today the mosaic school had the pleasant sounds of mallets for a class. I like when they don’t have music and everyone is working. It is soothing.

Here’s the studio shot for the day. I believe there is a soon to be ancient coffee cup that I must get rid of. It can’t be ignored until some fungus takes over. Or can it? Day 3 will be it’s last day in my studio.

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