Sabbatical Log: Day 16

Today I did a yoga video I haven’t done in awhile. In the past it has left me confused, frustrated and overly exerted. Today I was still a little confused, but I got it and I flipped my dog for the first time in quite some time. Usually the instructor in various videos starts going through mysterious instructions for a dog flip, and I think, nope. so anyhow, woohoo.

A flipped dog, more graceful than my version

Afterwards I worked on my resume and a few other things. It was so very quiet while I was puttering about because Joe is in California. I’m joining him next week to check out my future locale and that is why I was working on my resume. It is also why I went to a store and bought a smart phone. I wanted to navigate the city, meet some recruiters possibly and I suppose I’ve decided to join the 20-teens. I researched phones on Sunday and felt like the Moto X was about right for my needs. It took forever to get it all squared, but now I’m on the Ds of my contacts adding phone numbers.

I did make it to my studio eventually and put in a smidge of time before coming home. Yesterday Joe and I went for a walk and found ourselves somewhat near the studio. He hadn’t been over in months. It was good to have someone I trust to talk to about my plans and thoughts and get some feedback. I’m excited to see what I can pull off this week. Tomorrow I won’t delay.

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