Sabbatical Log: Day 14 – Prime time

Yesterday was my birthday. I turned 37, a solid prime number. I like giving each new year some sort of special meaning. Last year I could run for president, not that I would for goodness sakes. I don’t even own a pants suit.

I did yoga first thing. Usually it’s hard to get started, but then I’m into it. Yesterday it was a mental challenge of I wanted to be done already. I worked through it as best I could, but I came out of poses before the video said so more than once. I got to my studio and about halfway in it was again a mental challenge of I wanted to be done already. I churned out two more composition starts after I hit that wall. Of course I’m glad I worked through both.

Joe made a feast and we had some friends over. We had some wine and then I busted out the champagne a vendor gave me as a going away present.

To no ones surprise I slept in today. I’m heading over to the studio shortly but here’s my studio shot from yesterday.

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