Sabbatical Log: Day 12

I made it up for yoga and remember thinking well at least I can check something off my list of accomplishments. I’m still fighting a cold and we had a birthday celebration for one of the roommates. It was again slow going to get out of the house. Eventually I did make it out after going back in 3 times to add layers of clothing and upgrade my coat. Just disbelief the wind could make it that cold. Spring is so tumultuous. Speaking of yesterday and today I saw a crowd of cops and ambulances on different corners as I made my way to the studio. Monday a man was on the ground with his satchel rubbing his head. 3 squad cars. Today a man in a stretcher 3 squad cars and a fire truck. I don’t know if there are more people out because of Spring or if there are more accidents in the neighborhood when I’ve historically been at work.  I always send good thoughts to the people involved in those types of scenes. All you can do most of the time.

Painting went pretty well today. Noticeable progress on three paintings and some hope that I’ll have a lot to show for this self-funded sabbatical. I suppose I’d like tangible as well as intangible results.

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