Sabbatical 10: Flying free little bird

Friday I was fairly productive even fighting this persistent tickle in my throat with yoga and a spot of painting background patterns which is tedious, but also calm and meditative. I think maybe I’ll keep these surfaces at home and keep working on them when I have some downtime, but not a big enough stretch of downtime to go to my studio. That’s a great solution that came out of this trip home.

But the real excitement came from a blackbird. I was looking out the window and heard a lot of tapping and rustling in the fireplace. I called over my dad and he calmly said, yep happens every spring. I was excited and my dad was nonplussed. Apparently black birds try to nest in the chimney and they can’t fly straight up so they become trapped. No other bird is stupid enough to try it, black birds every time and this is about the 4th time. Then he said he’s worked out a system and went to the shed and brought back a clear bucket. I went to my room and got my camera.

The bucket is clear so the bird will see light when the flue is opened.


Then my dad slowly scooches a lid on top.


Here is our visitor in his relocation cell.

There He Is!

We walked him outside and sets him free.


That bird flew far and fast past the tree line and out of our sights. My dad coolly walked the container back to the shed

In other news I visited Gallery223 and checked out the rennovation progress. Kip and his cousin was scraping glue off the beautiful hard wood floor. Kip and Katrina have come a looong way since Thanksgiving.  I love reading home repair blogs so I was pretty into what they’ve done. We talked about my upcoming show. Details are still not solidified of course, these things take time especially when the remodel is still in progress.

Today (Sat) I’m taking the train back home, but first I’m going to check out the Cedarhust, which is the county’s cultural treasure.

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