Sabbatical Day 9

Ah. So yesterday I did yoga and hung out with my parents. We went to the Ina Antique Mall and checked out the old things on display. I’d like to be les of a rolling stone so I can start collecting things, but with the big move coming up, I had no intention buying anything of weight. I did consider a Hawaiian shirt. Nice muted colors with the classic palm trees and surf boards, nicely fitted. Maybe I’ll go back.

Then I met up with a good old friend. Met her newest little one and talked to her oldest who’s a rambunctious smart ball of 4yrs old. Then we had dinner and went bowling. The reigning champion of lowest scores (me) actually got over 100 on our last game. 3 games costs us $14, while back in Chicago 3 games cost me $40. Location, location, location.

I didn’t touch my paints on Day 10 but this trip is for people.

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