Sabbatical Day 8

So I’ve blown off working out for two days in a row. No excuses tomorrow morning. I’m putting that out on the blogosphere. I’ve been better on the art front. Painted base coats and patterns on surfaces. My dad and I did round 2 on the still life. We both did worse, but I’m going to try to get a drawing a day out of my dear old daddio.

Watched a blue jay, several robins, a cardinal, and several squirrels scamper about. The neighbor in the distance has a monster mower and a penchant for a precision lawn maintenance. I watched him spin about his giant yard. He was out on his practically a tractor with an umbrella top.

Felt like the yard is just as impatient for spring as I am. I’m ready to just go outside and eat some wild onions just to injest spring and growth.

My parents would frown on that.

In conclusion, a relaxing slow day at my parents and there aint nothing wrong with that.

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