Sabbatical Day 7: Home. Home on the range.

I’m listening to a freight train in the background as I type this and I just heard my dad clear his throat in the next room. I am in the new master bedroom above the new garage. It is bigger than most of my past apartments and far more comfortable. It is the house my dad built.

This morning I got up with an alarm very early to be right on time for the train. One man took a call on speaker. One lady was temporarily locked into the bathroom. Our train was delayed because of freight train traffic (they own the line, Amtrak just rents it). Which is to say everything went as well as expected given that driving is still the default choice.

I set up a little studio in an unused corner of the house and started painting background colors to the surfaces I brought. I might do some more work before I go to sleep. Mostly I’m hanging with my parents. Dad I drew a still life together he’s taking tentative steps into charcoal drawing which I think is pretty cool.

Better than any prior scenarious at their place.

My setup at my folk’s house.


I tried to throw this away in 2002ish and it boomeranged back to the house.

A Blast from the past


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