Sabbatical Day 6: my bike gets some air

Today I had a lot of correspondence to send. If I was a lady in the 19th century, I’d have sat in my dressing gown at my desk in the drawing room writing notes sealed in wax and then gone out leaving my calling card amongst society. Instead I sat in my sweaty yoga clothes writing emails. Modern times. Well I guess if I was totally current I’d send texts or some other application I don’t care to know about.

After lunch I dusted off my bike, aired up my tires and rode to the studio. It was freezing but the sun was bright. Turns out between fetching my bike, navigating traffic and locking up my bike the journey is only about 15min shorter.

My main goal was to pick up supplies for my trip home. I’ve been thinking about what to do while I’m home to keep the artwork flowing. I have some small surfaces and some ideas. i’ll give it a whirl. I did paint a bit.

See ya later studio

Biked home and made dinner for Joe and our roommates. The last of last summers pesto found in the back of the freezer.

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