Sabbatical Day 4: My BFF schools me


Yesterday I finished a revised painting. When i got settled into my studio several months ago I found I had several paintings that could be pushed further.  I also hung up paintings I think are done. Some of them are becoming less done as I work. Anyhow, this is the older version.

This is the completed version.

Yellow Trio

I have a few more finished reworked paintings I’ll try to document today on Day 5.

I had to paint over some progress on a new painting. That’s frustrating, but necessary. It’s an inner battle of (a) dead end, (b) just push it further, (c) good enough.

As I’ve done all week I did the morning yoga routine and the struggle to get out the door with calls and lunch made etc and then a walk to the studio. This time I decided to take the bus back and luck was on my side. I had to wait a long time for the bus which normally would be vexing but I took a lot of pictures of commuters heading home from their job. Best of all my best friend got on the same bus! A surprise delight. Then on my way home there were crowds of people watching the Swedish water tower come down and I took more pictures. Getting source images is a battle for me because I’m a vary shy and rather slow photographer.

On the bus ride, Chris poked fun of my journal saying it needed more events. Maybe I’ll share less often on the social networking sites. For this week though, I’ll keep it once a day. Might as well finish out the week.

Here’s my studio as I left it yesterday, time to get back to it.

Studio Day 4