Sabbatical: Day 3

I slept in pretty late. I blame the rain, but DANG I feel rested.  So Yoga yes. Studio No. **sad trombone** I did take care of a few things on the long list of neglected items. I’ve been stock-piling projects for when I’m off and now that list is daunting. At some point Joe reminded me that he was working and I was structuring my day juggling personal priorities, which is a nice problem to have.

So my morning was cleaning and house items and the afternoon was errands and cooking. I haven’t made a nice meal for people in some time and I wanted to make dinner to bring over to our friends house. Cooking can be so satisfying with the added bonus of your work is consumed right away. No stockpile of paintings to deal with. We had a nice time and tomorrow another friend is making me dinner so I think I can have a nice long day at the studio. The friend connections is also a really important goal of my sabbatical. I was thinking of all the times I’ve gone to a friends after work just wiped or stressed and just unable to be fully present. I’m grateful for this time, but I really have this need to make use of my studio and give it a full try.

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