Sabbatical: Day 2

Oh man. Walking 4 miles round trip and yoga everyday is taking some adjustment. I am sore and it’s only Tuesday. In my defense it was an active weekend. Anyhow it was sunny and I’m working out how to stay in the sun on my way to and from the studio. I’m really enjoying the commute via my two feet.

Today the downstairs class was some older ladies who were pretty good at keeping their conversation to themselves. Though one of them had the cadence of one of my painting professors which was distracting yet soothing. Earlier in the day, a hound dog might have been dying?!? I hope not. I doubt it. But nonetheless that hound dog had feelings. Hound dogs are soulful creatures. Luckily the dog settled down and was not an all day plaintiff affair.

Here is the view from my window in which some day soon I can compare with little sprouts.

yes those tracks are that close.

the greenery will be so fine.

Also here is the cacti that my subleasor, a nice photographer, keeps on the sill.



It took me awhile to leave the house. I really need to drink my coffee at the studio, because I get so distracted sipping my coffee and reading the internet. Anyhow I made it and was determined to start a new composition and make progress on one composition that was at the first pass stage. So that’s as far as I got today. Will try to get to the studio earlier tomorrow. I got plans in the evening for the rest of the week.

Day 2

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