Sabbatical Day 1

Last week was a series of stress and joy. I spent the weekend as I normally spend a weekend. But today instead of my work routine I woke up without an alarm and did some yoga. Drank some coffee and farted around feeling pent up in a “I want to do everything at once sort of way”. I eventually left for the studio. I’ve decided to walk the 2 miles to give myself some serious think time.

I can hear everything in the Mosaic school below me. A new problem since I usually go during off times. The school groups that came in were quite pleasant to listen to because it was indistinct chatter. The kids were enthusiastic, the teachers were taking care of business. One teacher would say “3, 2, 1” to give everyone time to zip it. It worked well. Between classes there was celebrity talk, “what kind or pizza” talk and pop music which was less pleasant. Nonetheless it felt good to be in my studio. It always does. You’d think it’d be less of a mental block to get there.

I painted a lot of stripes on some older small works I’m trying to finish. I’ve shown these works before but I they need some TLC to get where I want. I have my wall of done works and a few of them are feeling less done and might get scrapped.

Tomorrow I hope to have a longer work session.

I’m excited to watch the city change as Spring unfolds while I walk to my studio and take breaks to wonder over the window. Tomorrow I’ll photograph the view from the window, it’s treetops and roofs.

Get in line for that brilliant solution

Repurposed old fabric, awaiting my brilliant solution.

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