So I’m restarting again – Studio Diary

Yesterday I sorted all my paintings. I wrote down quick critiques and stacked them up in four piles. It helped me focus and move on to actually making work. The categories are:

Current work that will be useful to reference while I make new work.

Paintings I still like but are not my current work

paintings that might be worth a little more effort

paintings past saving

Today I hung up the reference paintings, shots these images and then painting a warm red over all over these “paintings past saving”. It was good to destroy and start annew. Cathartic.

I did all this wearing my reconditioned cowboy boots at the Ina Antique Mall back home by my folks. I got them back from the cobbler but it’s gonna take some work to stretch them comfortably around my teutonic/biker calves. There’s so sweet though. Totally worth the effort.They have roosters on them.  When they’re broken in, I’ll be peacocking around with my rooster boots. yeah.

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