An unexpected rider

This morning to the collective surprise, delight and concern of my train car, a little finch dropped down from the an upper ledge clinging on to the air vent that runs just below the windows. He stopped for a little bit by the man two seats in front of me and then started hopping down the line. People slowly leaned left to give it some space. It couldn’t get a grip anywhere else. When it reached the front facing seats, it climbed up the back and onto the headphones of a dosing early 20-something guy. Me and my seatmate roused him gently and told him to be still as he had a bird on his head. After being assured it wasn’t a pigeon he let the bird gather strength to fly out. Unfortunately the confused finch flew to another corner and we all lost sight of the bird at Fullerton when a pile of people came onboard. When I left the young guy who was the finch’s home was talking to an advertising executive I used to work with making a possible career connection. He seemed like a good kid.

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