Yesterday I was painting and one of my favorite if not my favorite paintbrush was painful to hold. It had lost all of it’s protective coating from time spent in paint water or thinner. I decided to wrap it in artist tape. If I could buy dozens of this brush I would, but it’s lost all branding along with the paint on the wood. It’s held up it’s shape and has been pretty easy to clean. It takes my negligence with aplomb.

A trusty companion is hard to find

Anyhow, I’m painting again. It feels good to paint. It feels familiar to obsess a bit about not painting when I’m not painting. I’m excited to be a part of this experiment that an artist I met around the neighborhood is putting on. It’s an experiment of audience participation and what one expects from an art show. It’s a small, one time show with a limited amount of participants and audience. Should be interesting.

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