10lbs of Lemons

Awhile ago I was reading the internet as I often do and a preserved lemon recipe was linked in a blog completely unrelated to what I was reading. I was sidetracked remembering the absolute powerhouse of flavor I tasted the first time I had preserved lemon and cheese on a cracker. So I poked around looking at recipes and asked my friend for her recipe. She sent me a link which led me to the Lemon Ladies, which led me to buying 10lbs of Meyer Lemons. It was the glasses chain that sent me over the top I think. I got an email from the Lemon Ladies that said the lemons would be picked that weekend and in the mail that Sunday. Thursday I had this glory.

My bounty

I invited some friends over and started on Sunday. 8hrs of lemon love. I have preserved lemons started. It needs a few days of shaking before it’s submerged in it’s own juices and can go in the fridge to become amazing (hopefully). What is amazing definitely is Lemon Caramel sauce and Lemon Curd. I made two batches of each, the first was 95% Jess’s tutelage, but the second time I did ok on my own. I’m not a baker so I’m not sure how I’m going to consume them but I’m hoping it’s not just me and Joe and a spoon, but that is highly likely if I don’t find the solution soon. We also dehydrated some peels and slices. Here’s what was left after some lemons and lemony things were shared or consumed.

dehydrated skins, lemon curd, lemon caramel, lemon preserves, lemons, blood oranges, oh my

Today I have a 3 fruit marmalade to finish. The picture below may look like sangria vomit, but is actually a grapefruit, a blood orange and a meyer lemon softening over the course of 24hrs.

not sangria vomit

my transcription of 3 Fruit Marmalade recipe

This is from the book, Marmalade, which has a wonderful use of spot varnish and thermography to highlight the great photography which pleases this print production manager very much. The recipes and writing aren’t bad either.

I still have quite a few blood oranges and lemons. I’m not sure I have the energy to make more than one marmalade over the work week, so I think I’ll have more preserved lemons and perhaps more dehydrated lemon slices. If the blood oranges keep I may make blood orange marmalade over the weekend. Or give it to Joe to make add to a mead that has a beautiful storage solution in it’s future.

6 Comments on “10lbs of Lemons”

  1. Lemon curd freezes beautifully, and folded into whipped cream is instant lemon mousse, but my daughter would like me to tell you that eating lemon curd and lemon caramel from the jar with a spoon is nothing to be ashamed of.

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