Playing to Win

Coming home from my long cta driven errand morning I sat across from 2 old Chinese men. I fell in love with them a little bit. Aside from my delight in funky old people, it was just nice to get a change in demographics of the post Xmas holiday shoppers and tourists. The man on the right had a fake fur hat and the other man likely doesn’t give a shit about baseball, but needed a hat. He had a perpetual amused look on their face as they discussed something in Cantonese. The other man brought out his wallet and pulled out a couple of lottery tickets and I can only guess they discussed their chances or their failures. Who knows perhaps they won the big one and were plotting out their new life. I almost wished I hadn’t have sat directly across from them because it’s difficult to draw covertly from that angle. It was a great way to end my drawing time on the train.

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