To the best of my recollection

When I thumb through my sketchbook, i am still surprised how well I remember my thoughts from the moment I sketch. This woman looked a lot more upwardly mobile than the rest of the orange line. From her diamond ring to her perfectly shiny hair, she was money. I remember a disheveled young lady who looked fairly unhinged struck up a conversation with her. The rich lady was kind and handled it well.

These two guys were having a lively discussion for 8am. They all had a lot of hair gel between them. I remember being happy I got a seat so that I had more time to draw them. I usually have one stop to draw before I get off for the walking.

The man in the circle had a phenomenal mustache and dark features. With his serious expression he would have made a great cop in a mean streets drama.  I started drawing him, but then he got a phone call and he was all smiles and he seemed not nearly as cool and dark and pensive. I moved on to the man before him who had a timeless outfit on. He was very handsome in a Jimmy Stewart way. Unfortunately my pen slipped and I gave him a wrinkle he didn’t need and overall I did a poor representation. The circle sort of brought the them together and now it’s better. If I’m not drawing something I see, I tend to just draw circles so it brought it all together I suppose.

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