Saturday Afternoon diversion

Joe went for a walk and also a liquor store run yesterday afternoon. He came back with some Booker’s and a bottle of Anejo Aha Toro. I stopped what I was doing (scrubbing toilet) to delight at our new liquor cabinet additions. Then I went back to what I was doing. Meanwhile Joe had made plans.

We had low levels of a Canadian Club Reserve, High West Rye Whiskey, Johnny Walker Black and our Bookers. He mixed a lot of water and a little whiskey and we began our taste test.

CC reserve in a Cherry oak flask and now relegated to a tin flask. Most easy to drink. Smooth, sweet.

High West Rye. Has lots of flavors but a little too rye for sipping. Joe made sure to put the High West in the Arizona rattle snake shot glass.

Johnny Walker Black Label Scotch – Peat! Those Scott’s love peat. I don’t yet love scotch. I’m not that cool.

Booker’s – Spicy. I see a lot of good to great mixed drinks in our future. Update! Yes delicious with some bitters, lemon zest and some water.

After testing them all we had about a shot total in our gullet and it was time for a walk.

In conclusion Joe is pretty great and so is a 2pm Saturday whiskey diversion.

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