Back on the Train

The weather and my schedule has been such that I’m back on the train a lot this week which means I am drawing more. A definite bright side to inclement weather. I miss my bike but I enjoy the time to take in the rainbow of humanity like the large man studying for the drivers test to the left here, but quite a few of them I can’t draw. There are cute kids with ants in their pants. Awkward teenage flirting with each other. Their hormones look quite painful. Or the man with a cane reading his free form thoughts to his captive audience off of dirty scraps of paper. Every time I looked up he had a new scrap of paper in his hand. His verbal onslaught made a great audio layer in the train and I was glad I didn’t have my headphones in. Sometimes the outside world does have the better soundtrack.

Last night I was amused by a lady’s choice in dollar store anchor patterned socks in moccasins sort of shoes. The clash was something else.

While waiting for a transfer a man was wearing a hoodie that went all the way over his face. There was mesh over his eyes and mouth forming a scarecrow sort of face. He was scary of course and he was pacing. The platform as a collective kept an eye on him. Instinctually I think people know that if someone’s face is disguised they are emboldened to let out their dark side. If there were 3 of them I’d have left that platform. But he was by himself just gauging reactions.

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