Going Home

Blue LineThursday night I had dinner with some friends. I walked to the el california stop and there was a gaggle of intoxicated hipster boys who were not sure about which side of the stop they were on. They were pretty. My guess is they’re in a visiting band or they have classes together and are going to be starting a band. Mustaches and high ponytails and artfully untied shoes were prominent.

#8 blues

When I emerged from the Grand stop I saw two people waiting for the bus. Good, I thought, it should be due.  I checked bus tracker on my phone and it said 9 minutes. A tired looking woman asked me if I was checking on the bus. I gave her the time stated and she said that she had been waiting for 30 minutes at least. About 5 minutes went by and I checked my phone again. To my dismay the bus that should have been getting close had disappeared and we were now looking at 11 minutes. I reported back to the woman waiting and she decided to get a cab. She had enough. I don’t know where she was going, but she looked like she was far from wealthy. She must have had a long day to go that expense. Now I waited with an expansive lady sitting on some fencing. 10 minutes later our bus arrived. Packed to the gills and smelling of fried food, sweat and frustration. Two people who knew each other had a conversation across a few rows. College students made party plans. A seat opened up in the 3 seats facing the door and I took it. The larger lady took the seat next to me and landed slightly on my leg. She apologized and I said that’s okay, it’s very cozy in here. Too cozy was here response and I agreed whole heartedly. I turned back to my sketch book and added the spiky haired boy who placed himself in front of me.

As the college students left at the UIC campus a mom opened her stroller and connected the carrier on. She did this while the bus was rolling and I was impressed by her balance and agility. She said to someone she had been waiting for an hour. It was 10:30 at night. She must be very tired.

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