The Seduction of Brushed Fibers

I went for a quick run to the store and I wore my pajama pants. This is a probably not a big deal for most Americans as I see many people in their pajamas in airports and sidewalks and grocery stores. They don’t seem concerned about their casual wear. It was a big thing for me because this bit from Jerry Seinfeld made an impression on me.

My pants are really super comfortable. I mean these fibers are brushed. So screw Seinfeld, I’m getting some Flavorite cereal and some apples in my pajama pants. I’m halfway there when i realize they’re on inside out which is a level I was not expecting.

Also on the way back I see a baby hanging super chill in his stroller on the sidewalk outside a house in the dark. I figure the baby’s caretaker must be in the vestibule a flight up. I said, “Hi baby.” The baby looked up from staring at my pants.

And now a drawing of some CTA riders.

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