11/ 25/14

Flight Moves Show


I’m fortunate to be included in this show and I’m happy with the new work I just completed. Ill be posting in my painting page shortly. If you’re in Brooklyn between 12/3 and 1/4, have a drink and check it out. There will be a lot of great work.




So much is happening.

1. Today is Day 2 of life in Santa Barbara. There is a ton of stuff to do to settle in.

2. I have a solo show just outside my hometown. My work will be on display at gallery223 from until August 20. Grand opening night was June 7th and it was a big success below is a photo of Katrina Bauer the gallery owner on the left and I’m on the right. Check out their website for more info.


Images of the work can be previewed on my flickr site or on my gallery page in the paintings section. Big shout out to Brian McGuire for taking the photos of my paintings.






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